India’s drive to digitally deliver citizen services and inclusive development makes fascinating reading. Supportive policy frameworks, landmark public investments, and a consistent focus on applied technology have enabled India to significantly improve outcomes in this space. Digital transformation in government is now pan-Indian in character, with most state governments investing in local technology infrastructure to better serve their citizens. Technology has been critical in addressing historical challenges in last-mile delivery and ensuring direct-to-citizen benefits.

Over the years, VMware has worked governments across the world, and it’s been no different in India. We’ve helped build the foundation of India’s digital transformation. By enabling access to any application on any cloud, anywhere, we offer a secure, pragmatic path to application modernization that spans data center, cloud, mobility, and security infrastructure.

This collection, created in association with The Guild, celebrates innovation leaders in the public sector and government space in India. I took away several insights from these conversations with key industry leaders as they harness the power of digital technology to deliver exceptional results for the constituencies they serve. As the pace of innovation accelerates in a post-pandemic world, I’m confident we’ll see many more inspirational accounts like these. VMware’s committed to India for the long-term, and is energized by the opportunity to play our part in establishing India as a leading digital economy.

Pradeep Nair
VP & Managing Director
VMware India