India is living its digital dream. Ever since the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) set a mandate of digitally transforming the nation towards accuracy, automation and excellence, India has catapulted dramatically over the years in innovation, tech-implementation, and adaptation. It has not only impacted domains with excellence and precision but also has laid down an impression for the way forward with integration and detailed development take over. The aim of the Digital India Initiative is to transform the country into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.

Government(s) and Public Sector Undertakings can unlock extraordinary opportunities if they start to use enterprise technology innovations to solve public problems. If citizens are empowered to actively input their needs into digital public service tools, we could overcome latent inefficiencies, such as the last-mile implementation difficulties, to offer better services for citizens. Through digitising services, it would be possible to create more intelligent schedules.

Today, exponential technologies like Hybrid Cloud, Virtual Cloud Networks, Digital Workspaces and Modern Apps are disrupting markets and organizations – including states and localities. Changes underway and accelerating will dramatically impact how the government(s) set policy, buy products, and deliver services. Exponential technologies open exciting new ways for government to serve citizens, but also pose big challenges for public leaders.

There are many benefits surrounding a digital-first public sector. But more important than cost savings is the ‘potential’ for automation to create a true smarter organisation: responsive, intelligent and joined-up.

In order to encourage more innovative eGovernance initiatives, VMware and The Guild together present this exclusive Digital India Leadership Book, which highlights and celebrates next gen public sector leaders and their innovations.

Titled ‘Delivering on Digital’, is an attempt to take the recognition to the next level and celebrate the achievements and best practices from states, cities and departments that have gone beyond the web to radically improve upon the experience of government and push the boundaries of how services are delivered. This compilation of leadership stories aims to spread awareness about such digital transformation initiatives led by our public sector leaders in the wake of the recent disruptions and especially since the COVID-19 pandemic struck and changed the world forever.

Public Sector Digital Leaders’ Survey 2020

During our interviews and discussions with the top Public sector leaders, we conducted a survey on digital preparedness and future strategies. Together they give us a unique insight into their digital priorities, before, during, and continuing aftermath of the pandemic.

There is no doubting the pandemic’s dramatic effect on almost every aspect of business and life. The pandemic exposed a growing digital divide, shifted some priorities, and amplified many of the challenges that the Public Sector organization faced prior to COVID-19. However, fundamentals also remain, such as the top two priorities for almost all public sector leaders: 1) Digitization of touchpoints; and 2) Automation of transactional processes – both long-standing priorities of the public sector leader.

Some entered the pandemic better positioned to pivot and scale into new opportunities. Through our special initiative Delivering on Digital, we share insights of these transformation leaders. While recovery will be unique to each sector, city and company – common to all is the urgency to digitise.